* What is Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc?

Surfyogis is the ALL DAY ALL NATURAL ALL GOOD Surfscreen Zinc made in Bali since 2007. It is REEF SAFE and the longest wearing facial sun protection out there for surfers, water enthusiasts and lovers of the ocean.


* What is it made from?

Cocoa, vanilla, coffee, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax- no avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene that are bad for you and bad for the coral reefs. All of our ingredients are all natural and edible!


* How does it work?

Our All Natural Surfscreen Zinc works by creating a physical barrier (see infographic) rather than chemically breaking down the rays.


* What is special about it?

Surfyogis is the Original Natural Alternative Surfscreen Zinc, made in Bali since 2007. It lasts up to 8 hours, even in the tropics which means longer sessions from just one application. It doesn’t get all over your gear like some other products leaving a huge mess. They say you can get 50++ applications out of one 60g tub. The best surfers in the world use Surfyogis!


* What is 'Reef-Safe'?

Chemicals like avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene found in many common sunscreens  contribute to coral reef bleaching. Not only that, they can be soaked into your blood stream through your skin. Surfyogis uses natural, edible, reef safe ingredients only.


* Do you use non-nano zinc?

Surfyogis uses only non-nano zinc which means the particles are not as tiny as nano zinc. The tiny particles of nano zinc can penetrate your skin cells and end up in your bloodstream- it can even end up in your lungs. Nano zinc is also ingested by coral reefs in the same way. That's why you will only find non-nano zinc in Surfyogis products.


* How long does it last?

Often up to 8 hours and more, even in the water! Tested in Bali and around the world for the last 15 years


* What is the SPF?

The reason we don’t have SPF rating is due to the method of testing. According to the FDA and AUS/NZS safety standards, the testing limits to 2mg of product per 2cm squared of skin. Our surfscreen works by creating a physical barrier (see below infographic) rather than chemically breaking down the rays. We have tested a number of years ago and we received a rating of only around SPF15 for this reason. The FDA are currently reviewing their testing standards for non-chemical sunscreens (with the ban in chemical sunscreens in Hawaii in mind). We are waiting for this to take place before investing in testing again. When this happens, we think there is a good chance we will achieve the highest rating of SPF50+

Similar natural zinc products also are in the same boat with SPF- A lot of consumer bodies and the FDA have recently audited a heap of products, finding them to make false claims regarding waterproof ratings and SPF levels- we think we are doing the right thing!

Word of mouth is our strongest asset, anyone who has used it KNOWS it works and everyone knows you spread it on thick for best results.



* How do I put it on and where?

Surfyogis is primarily facial sun protection, but we have had great feedback from people using it to protect scaring and other skin conditions from the sun. Off the record, some people have even told us it has cured keratosis, cysts and other skin conditions!! Might as well give it a go!

Also some of us need a little extra protection up top, you can use it for the top of your head too. 


* How do you remove it from your skin?

The long wearing nature of Surfyogis can mean it’s a little difficult to remove. Warm water and a wash cloth usually do the trick. Otherwise you can use a bit of coconut oil on a make up remover pad, or a basic facial cleanser works also. 


* Is it suitable for children?

We would recommend the Cold Climate formula as it is more spreadable. Watch this space for a baby friendly, full body sunscreen coming soon!


* Who's it for?

Surfyogis is great for surfers, watermen/waterwomen and lovers of the ocean. Foremost it is facial protection for water sports but can also be used at the snow, or for other sports like tennis, cricket and sailing for long lasting all day sun protection!


* How long does it last on your skin?

Often up to 8 hours and more, even in the water! Tested in Bali and around the world for the last 15 years. We have had plenty of feedback saying that Surfyogis is the longest wearing zinc out there.


* Does it expire?

Tins have been known to last 3 years ++ (especially seeing that you can get 50+ wears out of one tin). You will know it’s gone bad when the colour varies and it has become rancid. Generally we say they expiry is 2 years from production.


* What is the difference between the Original and Cold Climate versions? Do you suggest temperature ranges?

CC is softer and easier to spread. All the same organic, natural ingredients. Some people use the Cold Climate even in the tropics as it still works great, but it’s easier to spread and remove which is good for quick sessions. For tropical waters (18/64F to 22°C+ / 72F) we recommend the regular formula. For colder waters (-19°C / 66F) we recommend  the cold climate. For more info on which zinc might be right for you, check out this blog


* Are the ingredients ethically sourced?

Yes, all ingredients are fair trade, and sustainably sourced from within Indonesia. We have had long standing relationships with all of our suppliers. Also our team and suppliers are Indonesians- keeping Indonesians in jobs has been our mission from day one, as well as keeping the oceans free from chemicals.


*Do you have a full-body formula?

Great things take time- we are working on it!


* Why choose Surfyogis? 

Surfyogis is the Original All Natural Surfscreen Zinc. Keeping faces protected for longer than any other product out there. It’s good for you, good for coral reefs, good for the planet and produced with good vibes only. If that’s not enough, the best surfers in the world use it. Follow us to find out who!


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