* What is Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc?

Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc is the ALL NATURAL ALL DAY ALL GOOD surf zinc made in Bali, Indonesia, since 2007.

It is REEF SAFE and the longest lasting waterproof sun protection for your precious face out there. For water enthusiasts and ocean lovers of all kinds everywhere.


* What's so special about it?

Surfyogis was the first ever ALL NATURAL surf zinc introduced in 2007.

To this day, it is handmade in small batches with peace + love in Bali, the Island of the Gods. Good vibes only!

Surfyogis is highly water resistant and can last a whopping 8 hours in the water, even in the tropics, which means longer sessions out with just one application.

You can get as many as 60 applications from just one 60g tin.

And it smells like chocolate. Yum.


* What is it made from?

Cocoa, coffee, vanilla bean, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax and zinc oxide. That's it. No ingredients that are hard to pronounce.

All of Surfyogis' ingredients are 100% natural and edible.


* What does 'REEF SAFE' mean?

Chemicals in many common sunscreens (e.g. oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, homosalate, etc.) contribute to coral reef bleaching.

For this reason, bans on chemical sunscreens have been enacted in Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, Aruba, Key West (Florida), Bonaire, Palau, Mexico and Thailand to preserve their reefs.

Surfyogis uses 100% natural, REEF SAFE ingredients only.


* How does it work?

Surfyogis works by creating a mineral-based physical barrier on top of your skin that reflects and scatters UV rays away from you, like a shield. In contrast, chemical sunscreens need to be absorbed into the skin to work. They chemically break down UV rays once exposed and release the product of these chemical reactions as heat to the skin. That's why chemical sunscreens can cause allergic reactions and skin and eye irritation for many people.

The active ingredient in Surfyogis is zinc oxide, a natural mineral that offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and has natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is also non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores and is suitable for sensitive skin. Zinc oxide is the only active ingredient approved by the FDA for use in babies under the age of 6 months. That's how safe for your skin it is.




* Do you use NON-NANO zinc oxide?

Yes! Wear your Surfyogis feeling assured that it is made with only the highest grade uncoated, non-nano zinc oxide. "Non-nano" means that the zinc oxide particles are >100nm in size. Nano sized particles are <100nm.

Nano zinc oxide is small enough to penetrate skin cells and enter your bloodstream. It can be ingested by marine life in the same way and is particularly harmful to coral reef ecosystems. That is certain. And that is why you will find only non-nano zinc oxide in Surfyogis products or any other high quality health and eco conscious zinc skin product.


* What's its SPF rating?

The reason we don't have an SPF rating is due to current methods of testing. Present methods limit product use to 2mg/cm2. Our surfscreen works by applying a more generous amount than this limit to create a natural physical barrier on top of your skin that reflects UV rays, rather than by absorbing chemicals into the skin to break down UV rays, as most common sunscreens that use chemicals do.

Word of mouth is our strongest asset. Anyone who has used Surfyogis knows it works and knows to spread it on thick for best results.


* Who's it for?

Surfyogis is for EVERYONE. It was originally created to provide enduring water resistant protection from the sun for surfers, divers and other water enthusiasts, but Surfyogis is great too for the snow slopes or the sports field, just beach bumming it, etc.

It's for anyone really, anytime and anywhere long lasting ALL DAY protection from the sun is needed.


* Is it suitable for children?

Definitely! We recommend our Cold Climate formula for kids because it offers the same great coverage as our Original formula but is softer and easier to apply and remove. 


* How do I put it on and where?

Rub it on your fingers and apply it generously on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your lips, chin, forehead, anywhere you feel the sun hitting your face. For longer sessions we recommend a thick full face cover.

Surfyogis is intended for your face, but we've had great feedback from people using it on other parts of their bodies too to protect scarring and other skin conditions from the sun. Off the record, some people have told us that it has even cured their skin conditions, including keratosis and cysts.

And for some of us who need a little extra protection up top, you can use it for the top of your head too.


* How long does it last on your skin?

Up to 8 hours or more, even when active in tropical water ALL DAY. Tried and tested in Bali and around the world going on 17 years.

From Indonesia to Australia, the US to Japan, South Korea to South Africa, the UK to China, Malaysia to Mexico, Germany to the Philippines... people from all over have shared their stories and tell us that it's the longest wearing zinc they've ever used. And the only zinc they'll ever use!


* How do you remove it from your skin?

The lasting nature of Surfyogis means it can take a bit of effort to remove. Warm water with a wash cloth usually does the trick. You can also use a basic facial cleanser or coconut oil on a reusable cotton pad. Our Surfyogis Surya Oil works a treat too.


* Does it expire?

Zinc oxide, the active ingredient in Surfyogis, is a naturally occurring mineral with an indefinite shelf life. Unlike the active ingredients in chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide does not degrade, so it does not lose its effectiveness to protect our skin over time.

Sunscreens that use zinc oxide do eventually expire, however, because of the nature of the inactive ingredients used in them.

Sunscreens generally have a shelf life of 3 years from production. Tins of Surfyogis can last even years longer than that though, if stored in proper conditions, primarily due to its high concentration of high quality, raw, organic beeswax – another natural substance that does not spoil or otherwise expire. 

To prolong the shelf life of your Surfyogis, we recommend that you store your tins in a cool, dry place (below 30°C) away from direct sunlight.


* What's the difference between the Original and Cold Climate formulas? Do you suggest temperature ranges?

Both formulas have all the same ALL NATURAL ingredients and provide the same level of protection, but our Cold Climate formula has a softer consistency. Some people like to use their Cold Climate formula in the tropics too because it’s easier to apply and remove, which is good for quick sessions.

For tropical waters (20°C/68°F and up) we recommend our Original formula.

For cooler water conditions (19°C/66°F and below) we recommend our Cold Climate formula.


* Are the ingredients ethically sourced?

Yes, all of Surfyogis' ingredients are fair trade and ethically and sustainably sourced from within Indonesia, and we have had long standing relationships with all of our local suppliers. Working with our local Indonesian community and supporting and contributing to our local economy has been part of our core mission from day one.


*Do you have a full body formula?

Please stay tuned... we are working on it!


* Why choose Surfyogis? 

Surfyogis is the Original 100% ALL NATURAL, REEF SAFE Surfscreen Zinc.

It has and always will be made by hand in small batches with love and care.

It’s good for you, good for the planet and made with good vibes only.

All in all, it's ALL GOOD.


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