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    'TRY ME' + 'SHARE ME'


    Here it is, the TRY ME Bundle you've been waiting for. Our surfscreen duo in a limited edition travel size. The perfect Xmas stocking stuffer to share with your mates!...



    When you know you love it, and your loved ones love it too. When you're already Surfyogis family. 1 60g Original formula + 1 60g Cold Climate formula – FOR THE...
  • 100% Natural Reef Safe Surfscreen Zinc Quick View

    100% Natural Reef Safe Surfscreen Zinc


    The OG of ALL NATURAL surf zinc right here. This highly effective brew is made with nothing but natural and clean, REEF SAFE ingredients: cocoa, coffee, vanilla bean, beeswax, coconut...
  • 100% Natural Reef Safe Surfscreen Zinc COLD CLIMATE FORMULA Quick View

    100% Natural Reef Safe Surfscreen Zinc COLD CLIMATE FORMULA


    Pumping waves aren’t only in the tropics. If you’re located a little further from the equator, this COLD CLIMATE surfscreen zinc is the answer. Ideal for wettie conditions. Perfect for...


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    6 year old Sani HELLMAN is raising hell on the grom scene!

    6 years young and raising hell on the grom scene. Sani HELLMAN from Ulladulla on the East Coast of Australia chats to Surfyogis about why he loves surfing and why he uses Surfyogis zinc when surfing!   Who is Sani Hellman? Why do you love surfing? I am 6 years...

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    Our Friends at Still Stoked Reviews Surfyogis All Natural Sunscreen!

        The folks at Still Stoked are always adventuring and chasing waves so they know a little bit about the best sunscreen for surfers. While floating on the ocean somewhere between Tonga and New Zealand, Alexa did an awesome review of Surfyogis Reef Safe Sunscreen products! Check it here ...

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    Keeping faces protected all around the planet

          Surfyogis Original All Natural Zinc formula was born in tropical Bali, where the warm waters can melt away most sunscreens and zincs. Not only does this leave your precious face exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays but some products also track from your face on to...

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What They Say About Us

Hannah - Instagram

"I work on the water and this zinc has travelled the world with me! Surfing in Japan, sailing in the Bahamas, manta research in Mexico, working in Maldives, Ningaloo Reef Australia and now dive master in Nuse Penida. Thanks for all the years of reef safe sun protection."

Kristian - Instagram

"I’ve been using Surfyogis sunblock for nearly 5 years in Baja, Mexico. It works incredibly in that hot weather. Each time I have a friend come to Bali I ask them to bring some for me."


"I have just got to recommend this sunscreen. This stuff stays on all day long on my husband’s lips here on the equator, has a little violet tint so you know it’s on but not the whole scary white, skeleton face stuff. It’s all natural and reef safe. Johnny who invented this stuff has such incredible aloha, and he has helped me so much in thewaves this week, just out of kindness. And you know we gotta support the men who support us women in the water!"


"Last surf trip I lost my Surfyogis before leaving, so picked up standard sunscreen - three days into a 10 day trip I could barely see because of what standard sunscreen did to my eyes (no joke, I had to paddle in because I literally could not see and the pain in my eyes was nuts). I thought it was too much sun initially - but a friend let me use some of their Surfyogis as a test - and eyes - back to normal. Hours and hours in the sun - zero issue. And of course- prefer to use something better for the environment 😊"


"I can clearly identify with the path Surfyogis has taken in the industry. It resources all natural and sustainable products from the earth of the highest quality without having an impact on our environment or ourselves. There are other good natural zincs out there but I’ve found most of them feel really greasy on your face and end up all over shit and wearing off half way through your surf. I’m guessing you know what I mean right? Wearing Surfyogis I’m confident that it's going to stay coated on my precious face all session. Lately I've been constantly surfing 6 to 8 hours and when I come in it's still on. Which leaves no reason to get out of the water when the waves are firing! It smells great. I’m guessing you could probably eat it, it's made with beeswax. A tub will last you half the year, more! When I’m on surf trips I don’t even bother washing it off at night, using it as a moisturiser. The bottom line is this. The stuff works, it's from the earth and is great for your skin. Treat yourself to some and you’ll see what I’m talking about!"


"I can be in the water for couple of hours and will be back only if I get hungry. The Indonesian sun can be soooooo HOT. And at the end of the day, I will get sunburn on my face and my lips. Ouch!!! The good news is.... I found Surfyogis natural surfscreen zinc and I fall in love at the first time. I've been using Surfyogis for few years and I definitely recommend it to you if you are an ocean lover or even if you just wanna chillin' at the beach. This natural zinc can protect my face and lips while I’m surfing. And its true, it last for hours."


"Surf Yogis is the surfer’s staple. It is a brand you will see all over Bali and Sri Lanka. Every surfer uses it, and for good reason. Surfyogis smells absolutely amazing due to it’s all-natural ingredients (hello cocoa!)."


"I used to spend a fortune chopping and changing between different sunscreens trying to find the right one. Around 5 years ago a friend told me about Surfyogis and I’ve been using it exclusively ever since. Anyone that knows me will know I spend a lot of time in the water and Surfyogis is the only sunscreen that can handle sustained periods in the water without washing off, particularly in the tropics. Also knowing that it’s all natural gives me peace of mind because I’m not lathering chemicals on my face every day."

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