When we fist met Ben Benson, he was a double threat ripping it up at Globe Skate Park in Bali by night, and shredding waves by day

Posted: Jan 19 2021


When we fist met Ben Benson, he was a double threat ripping it up at Globe Skate Park in Bali by night, and shredding waves by day. Now a competitive surfer, Ben has been bouncing between Bali and California, soaking up the best of both worlds. Get to know Ben Benson, our high flying Team Rider with the catchy name and one of the most recognisable Surfyogis smiles!



Hey BB,
I first met you skating at Globe Skate Bowl in Bali and I was taking note, you were a grom & my skate hero. How'd you get so good so young?

It just started out with my Dad either taking me to the beach or the skatepark everyday. It's what we did for fun, and also to get out of the house. Then as I started getting better in my surfing we would surf all day and then skate at night. 




Then I'd surf with you & your dad at Nusa Dua, then in a few years you'd be ripping! Did your skating skills help your surfing? 

Yes, the muscle memory and the balance of skateboarding carried over into my surfing the most!



What advice can you give crew to get better quick?

Enjoy what you are doing and always have fun. The more fun you have the more you will want to practice, and with practice comes skill. 


You’re half Indonesian. Any advice for kids growing up on the islands?

Enjoy the small things that everyone else takes for granted. The things that no one else notices because they are too caught up in being "cool" or "Keren”.


What else are you up to & what are you working towards? 

Before Corona Virus hit I was planning on doing some WSL QS events before heading back to Bali for the season. I ended up getting stuck here which isn’t bad except for the small and cold waves. I have just been skating, spending time with family and surfing as much as possible. My plan now is to get back to Bali as soon as I can while the season is still good. Then do as many QS events as I can when they start again. 


Thoughts on Surfyogis?

I really like using SurfYogis because it’s all Natural and I am familiar with the ingredients. I know for a fact that I’m not rubbing into my face a bunch of chemicals that I can not even pronounce. I had a bad surfing accident at Desert Point in 2016 where my face got smashed into the Reef. Till this day I have many scars on my face that I need to protect from the sun. 

Surfyogis is a real 100% block, when it’s on it’s on. When it’s off, you know it’s off. 


Stay stoked BB and keep flying!


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