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Posted: Dec 31 2019


With enough good vibes to fill the Indian Oceans, Clasje Goebel is a classy surfer who washed up in G-Land and crossed paths with our Founder Johnny 8 years ago. She turns heads in any line up with her lightning style. We've shared a chat with Johnny and Clasje in our blog section so you can get to know this electric waterlady a little better...


JH: Clasje, anytime you take off on a wave heads turn, what’s the go with your unique style and boards you ride? 

CG: I think the way that I ride reflects how I feel. Energetic, creative, moody, playful or silly….

Surfing to me is about self-expression and I think the ocean is an incredible outlet for a full spectrum of emotion, a place I can always identify with and feel connected to the world.

A noticeable shift in my surfing style came when I stopped competing. I started to surf for myself and how I wanted. My focus shifted to what I thought was fun and what felt beautiful in my eyes and not how the rule book said I ought to surf. The change in my mindset and my newly broadened awareness of my own surfing also allowed room to play with different craft and board styles, which then enrichened my world even further.

I ride different boards for different reasons, sometimes to suit the wave and sometimes to suit how I feel! I fell in love with twin fins many years ago and they have been predominantly all I’ve ridden now for the most of 10 years. They can pretty much handle anything once you get inside their head and if you’re on one, you’re throwing more smiles around the line-up than most!

I am still very competitive, but I use that energy differently now! Being a woman in the line-up you do need to assert yourself to some degree to get decent waves, but I don’t feel I need to surf like the rest of the pack, which can stand out sometimes. There’s moments I’ll feel like surfing a bit more performance and do a turn or something but more than most I much prefer just holding a speedy highline and just trim.


JH: Not just a cool surf chic, what are you doing with your free time?

CG: I just recently did the migration from east to west oz for a change up of coastline and to finish out my last bit of study. I studied a double degree in environmental science/marine science and management and have been working out in the remote Abrolhos Islands. In between working hours I have the most amazing opportunity to explore the underwater wonderland that the remote and ecologically significant Houtman Abrolhos have to offer.

From surfing, free diving, spearfishing, whale watching and frolicking with sea lions, it’s a crusty saltwater lovers paradise. In between stints out in the islands, I’ve been traveling up and down the WA coast hunting waves and filling my adventure cup. Cheeky missions to Indo have also been filling the gaps in between and satiating my smile therapy.

I’m looking forward to a great South Western summer with family and friends and hopefully some big southern swells before I migrate north again next year to start out the whale shark season on the Ningaloo reef, helping to facilitate whale shark tagging and research and exploring new and fun times in and out of the ocean and some much dreamed of Gnaraloo and red bluff missions.


JH: How long have you been using Yogis & are you digging it?

CG: I’ve been using Surfyogis since about 2013 I think, my first trip to G-Land and I haven’t used anything else ever since!

I have super sensitive skin and cannot handle generic sunscreens and all the nastiness that goes into them so I have been absolutely loving Yogis for 3 reasons:

# It’s super water tight and never comes off, which means you rarely have to reapply (good for those long sessions or for the people that just have too much fun and forget that they’re burning, and it works!!!!

# all the ingredients are edible, no chemicals and nano-particles which creep their way into your skin (your largest organ) and add to the deterioration of our coral reef ecosystems. It’s   a physical barrier rather than a chemical barrier.

# SY was created by a legend for legends, a grass roots product consciously filling a huge gap in the market, which extends itself not just to surfers but to all ocean users alike (I’ve also used it on the mountain)

The Ocean being one of my biggest constants, I don’t go anywhere without a tin of Surfyogis good vibes!


JH: I see you charging in WA & G’land, whats your mindset in waves of consequence?

CG: I don’t think it’s anything to do with proving myself at all. I think it’s more to do with maintaining my relationship with the ocean and how I feel when I’m in conditions of consequence.

I grew up on an island doing all things ocean and to have respect for the ocean was instilled in me from day one, as she will always put you in your place.

So, whether its rock jumping, body surfing or freediving I’ve always relied on my ability and comfortability in situations that would be unenjoyable to many.

I believe there’s nothing more beautiful and humbling than to be in an ocean of raw power and energy, where your existence is so flimsy. It’s extremely gratifying and peaceful all at the same time.

To be so completely in the moment and relying on only instinct. I believe it’s the most effective way to strip life and mind, back to its simplest form and to feel only our most true and driving emotions. And to ride a wave where you teeter between danger and euphoria is something so pure and life enriching.


Tips for crew that want to start riding twinnies….

Ha!!! Don’t pick up a twin and think your gonna surf it like a 5’11” thruster (probably one of the worst things to watch). Surfing a twinnie is one of the biggest lessons in finding flow you’ll get. You’ll find yourself looking at the wave differently, drawing different lines and creating a deeper relationship with the wave, as you more need to fit into the wave rather than on top of it. You can’t force moves on a twin like you can a performance board and I think that’s one of the greatest pleasures…… You need to wait for the wave to offer up the opportunity and when it does, it’s so much more rewarding, especially when you hit the sweet spot!!!! And even if it that turn section never arises, you’d have never enjoyed just trimming as much as you do on a twin.




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