Ryan Wordsworth- A Chat With A Veteran Indo Surf Guide

Posted: Jun 26 2019



J: Ryan, you've been hanging around Indo & other lucrative spots, any memorable stories you'd like to share?

R: Ahh so many epic stories! Surfing a perfect grinding 300m long sandbar that was doing a pretty good superbank impression with no one around. Almost getting struck by lightning in java. Surfing another secret perfect left reef in Lombok with just a few locals and all the dodgy plane and ferry rides.

Living in a hut on the beach in the Mentawais was pretty special. But the one that stands out the most was surfing in Panaitan Island getting tubed while to my left there was 2 massive water spouts and a lightning storm and to my right there was the most firey sunset I’ve seen lighting up the coral underneath me in the crystal clear water.


J: How many different sunscreens have you used, which do you use now and why?

R: Oh so many! I’ve always been a zink kinda guy. The one with the ghost white face out in the lineup scaring everyone. About 6 years ago I found Surf yogis in a surf shop in Bali and have been using it exclusively ever since. In harsh sun and in the tropics it’s the only sunsrceen that works as I found other more oily suncreens just sweat off. With the thick texture of Surfyogis and the ingredients used, it stays on no matter what! For someone that spends a lot of time in the water I reckon that is pretty important.


J: You surf with power carving & grace, any tips for your fellow surfers?

R: Ahh I think it’s just an age thing haha! As I get older I realise I can’t really get too radical otherwise I’ll bust a knee or my back or something but you don’t need to be a grom to work on your technique and positioning on a wave. I think most surfers naturally start to smooth out their surfing as they age. That’s why surfing is so awesome, you can still always improve no matter your age and there is always so much to learn.


J: How good is Togat Nusa retreat!

R: So good! The whole setup is amazing. You have a whole island to yourself which in itself is pretty hard to top but there’s also a perfect left and rippable right out front and a multitude of world class waves half an hour’s boat ride away. Not to mention all the secret spots. And Johnny is an absolute guru building the bungalows and restaurant out of the surrounding forest giving the place such a unique vibe. I love it!



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