6 year old Sani HELLMAN is raising hell on the grom scene!

Posted: May 03 2023

6 years young and raising hell on the grom scene. Sani HELLMAN from Ulladulla on the East Coast of Australia chats to Surfyogis about why he loves surfing and why he uses Surfyogis zinc when surfing!


  • Who is Sani Hellman? Why do you love surfing?

I am 6 years old. I live in Ulladulla. I grew up surfing and I loved it. I loved Skating and I got into surfing and I loved it. 

  • Hellman is a pretty powerful last name. Do you think it gives you special powers to charge?

Yeah I think it’s going to help me get on tour and help me get good barrels. 

  • Your mum & dad are both super cool, you think that has helped you be so radical at a young age?

Yes they are a bit radical. I have been surfing pretty radical waves at a young age so yeah.

  • What and who else are your inspirations in and out of the water?

Jackson Dorian, John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Reef Hazelwood, Rhys Harper.

  • You met Jackson Dorian earlier this year. Tell us about that.

He got third in the comp. We talked for 1 hour. He was nice.

  • What is the best way for fellow 6 year olds to get good at surfing?

I would say skate first, and if you get really good at skating you can start surfing on a foamie. Go straight, and then you can start going sideways but don’t lean too much on a foamie. And when you start on a fibre glass you have to just stand there, and then when you get on a smaller board your dad will teach you how to do amazing turns like carves and laybacks and stuff. And then your mum or dad will teach you how to do airs. And then you might be able to get a world title. 

  • What are 3 things you are grateful for?

I’m thankful for surfing lots. And getting a new chili board a couple of weeks ago- 12L. My favourite board. I’m also grateful for my skateboard. I love skating on it. I’m also thankful for sports like footy and cricket. I also love living at the beach here. It’s not too cold, or not too hot. I love where I live. 

  • What kind of waves do you love to surf?

I love Coco Beach. I got one really good barrel there. I thought I was going to fall off and it was really sucky but I made it. Hollow waves and good turn waves. 

  • How do you deal with kooks out there?

Tell them to go up the beach and get a wave there. I would try to pull in and show them I can surf well. 

  • Looks like you have been using Surfyogis all natural sunscreen around Oz and Indo. What do you like about it?

I like that it doesn’t come off. I like the feel of it and the smell. It doesn’t come off even when I touch it so I won’t get sunburnt. It’s a really good sunscreen for surfers. Thanks to my sponsors Surfyogis so much. 

  • Finally, what’s in the pipeline for you over the next few weeks? 

It’s school holidays so I won’t be going to school so that’s really good. We are going to Coffs Harbour for a big grom comp. I am in under 8’s. If I win I’m going to get a massive trophy. It might be silver. If I win I get the biggest trophy. 


Thanks so much for your time Sani and for always inspiring us with your radical surfshots on your instgram!

You can follow Sani on Instagram here 

UPDATE: Sani Hellman took home 'a massive trophy' for winning the under 8's division at the Billabong Oz Grom Cup at Coffs Harbour! He is ranked highest in under 8's on the Surfing Australia Junior rankings. Go Sani!


If you're looking for some super water-resistant surf zinc for kids check out Surfyogis all natural zinc here. We recommend the Cold Climate natural zinc for kids as it's a little more spreadable. If you are unsure why you should be using natural sunscreen on your kids, check out this blog. 


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