Surfyogis Team Rider Thomas Kirby on surfing in Bali

Posted: Oct 12 2017

SY: Nickname?

TK: Shit, I'm not proud of any nicknames and I definitely don't think I'm even worthy of an interview but here we go.... Playing rugby, my nickname was meathead- other than that... Kirby


SY: Age?

TK: Old as Fark!!!!


SY: Which surfer inspires you?

TK: Rob Machado’s style, Dorian’s big wave game and Matt Meola’s progression.


SY: Favourite local surfer?

TK: John McGuirl cause he sorts out the f#*k heads in the lineup with a bit of comedy factor!


SY: Nasi or Mie goring?

TK: Sponsored by mie goreng 


SY: Airs or barrels?

TK: I'm way too old to be doing airs and knowing my background I would break an ankle when I land, so barrels- definitely barrels!


SY: Favourite surf spot?

TK: I would tell you, but the Maori boys back home would break my legs. It's a right hander 


SY: What’s been the biggest inspiration on your surfing career?

TK: My dad has been bringing me to Bali since I was around 6, and also traveling the world surfing with my family when I was younger.


SY: When did you first realise you might be a good surfer?

TK: Still haven't realised that.


SY: What’s the best part about life in Bali?

TK: Consistent offshore winds! Hardly ever chasing your tail looking for spots. Great people and finding out their random jobs (or 10 jobs) that keep them going here.


SY: When you’re not surfing, you are…?

TK: Sleeping.


SY: Raddest Insta account you follow?

TK: @surfyogis of course - and @yourplacebali hahaha 


SY: What boards are you riding at the moment?

TK: 5"6 rusty dwarf is my go-to and when it's ON I have a 9"0 Jerry Lopez that I love using.


SY: What do you think is the connection between surfing and yoga?

TK: Yoga gets your surfing to the next level. Look at Gerry Lopez! My god what a legend.


SY: If you had one wish that could make Bali a better place, what would that be?

(TK’s Answer was not fit for publication at this time)


SY: What is it about the Surfyogis brand that resounds with you?

TK: Love that all the ingredients are eco-friendly and natural, and it never comes off so it's so good for hours in the water. 


SY: What’s in your surf trip survival kit, other than Surfyogis surf-screen?

TK: Lots of band aids! Chinese medicine, iodine, tape, bottle opener and a fishing rod.... and a shit ton of lures cause my mates always loose them.


SY: We hear you’re pretty accident prone… Tell us about that....

TK: Who told u that? I've broken so many bones it's not funny- pretty sure I'm made of glass... Got screws in my legs (prob from Made's motorbike shop as they're too long), had an op on my shoulder after a "sober" night in Kuta, broke both my wrists and a few ribs snowboarding, broke my ankle in the rain sliding over a car bonnet going from one pub to another- 15 meters apart. Fell out of my loft at home and broke my collar bone, almost cut my toes off digging our home swimming pool, broke my legs wakeboarding in the Phillipines. That resulted in surgery there- a long story. I've rolled cars, been in a few bike accidents now, Shit.... the list goes on. I'm like a cat but I have way more than 9 lives.


SY: Thanks Kirby!


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