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Posted: Dec 08 2022




Surfyogis Original All Natural Zinc formula was born in tropical Bali, where the warm waters can melt away most sunscreens and zincs. Not only does this leave your precious face exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays but some products also track from your face on to all of your gear leaving a mess to clean up. 


We also wanted folks surfing in Indo to be able to have long sessions without worrying about the sun- well we think we nailed this, 8+ hrs in the water from one application they say! We are confident that Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc is the longest wearing All Natural Zinc in the Universe. 


Our Regular Surf Screen is also perfect for summer use in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Japan and pretty much anywhere that gets hot summer days. As a rule of thumb we recommend Surfyogis Surfscreen Zinc for ocean temps from 18/64F to 22°C+ / 72F.


These days surfing is one of the hottest sports ALL OVER THE PLANET. This left a serious gap for an All Natural Surf Screen Zinc especially formulated for colder climates. With orders starting to come in from the all around the world all year-round, in 2019 we decided it was time to develop a Cold Climate formula.


Our Cold Climate Surfscreen Zinc is exactly the same ingredients as the original, but a slightly softer brew. It is also easier to spread on your face. We recommend the Cold Climate Zinc for example, for winter or morning sessions in places like New Zealand, Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia as the regular can be harder to spread when it’s cold. We recommend Surfyogis Cold Climate Zinc for water temps -19°C / 66F.


Our original Surf Screen and Cold Climate Surf Screen Zincs are custom made for hot and cold climates, and have the additional benefit of protecting your face and lips from windburn and the harsh elements as well as UV especially in cooler climates.


Which Surfyogis All Natural Zinc to choose is very much up to personal preference also- Some of the crew use the Cold Climate formula even in Bali for shorter sessions as it is easier to apply and remove. The Cold Climate Zinc will still last up to 4 hrs or more in tropical water, but the regular is said to last 8hrs+! We still deliver the promise of ultra long-wearing Zinc. 


If you still have questions about which zinc is right for you, check out our FAQ’s blog or contact us at









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